Vaccinations In Gainesville, FL

Vaccinations can help to prevent you from becoming ill or can lessen the symptoms that you might experience if you do contract a viral illness. Unless they have allergies to one of the ingredients, the Haile Medical Group recommends that our patients get annual flu shots. Pneumonia shots are recommended for older adults and those with compromised immune systems, and everyone needs to get a tetanus booster every 10 years. These vaccinations can help to prevent you from becoming seriously ill and could potentially help to keep you out of the hospital.

Flu Shots

Flu shots are seasonal vaccines to help to protect you against the viruses that cause influenza. These vaccines are developed two times per year because the virus rapidly changes. When you get a seasonal flu shot, it should offer you medium to strong protection against the season’s strain of the flu virus and help you to recover faster if you do catch influenza.

Why flu shots are important

Each year, many people suffer serious diseases after contracting influenza and are hospitalized or die. If the flu gets worse and gets into your lungs, you could develop pneumonia. Recognizing flu symptoms and seeking prompt treatment can help to prevent it from worsening. Getting a flu shot at the start of the flu season can help to prevent you from getting the flu or make the disease less serious.

Who should get a flu shot

Flu shots are recommended for nearly everyone who is aged six months or older. High-risk groups, including the elderly, pregnant women, people with health problems, young children, and people who work in health care should make sure to get an annual flu vaccination.

Pneumonia Shots

Getting the pneumonia vaccine can help to reduce your chance of catching pneumonia. If you do get pneumonia after getting the shot, the disease will likely be milder. Haile Medical Group recommends that older adults and people with certain health problems should get the pneumonia vaccine.

Who should get a pneumonia vaccine?

Adults over the age of 65 should get an annual pneumonia vaccine. As you age, your immune system starts to weaken. Getting a pneumonia vaccine can help you to fight off pneumonia or prevent you from catching it.
You should also get a pneumonia vaccine if you have a weakened immune system caused by other conditions. People with diabetes, heart disease, COPD, asthma, HIV, AIDS, or emphysema fall into this category. People undergoing chemotherapy and those who have had organ transplants should also get the pneumonia shot. Finally, people who smoke, drink heavily, or who are recovering from a severe illness or surgery should get the pneumonia vaccine.


The Haile Medical Group offers vaccines to protect our patients from tetanus. This infection is caused by the Clostridium tetani bacteria and can be potentially deadly. Older children and adults are given the Tdap or Td vaccines to protect them against tetanus. All of our patients should get the tetanus vaccine to prevent tetanus. If you have any questions about the tetanus vaccine and whether you should get one, contact the Haile Medical Group today.