Adolescent Medicine

Adolescent Medicine In Gainesville, FL

When children reach puberty, they must contend with hormonal changes and substantial growth. During this developmental period, children undergo significant social, psychological, and physical changes that lead to sexual maturity and adult stature as well as an increase in their intellectual capacity. Adolescents commonly search for their identities and look for their places in society. They also start to separate from their families and develop romantic relationships with others.
While many adolescents can go through this transition without encountering major problems, they still might need guidance, reassurance, and support to help them to make the right decisions. Adolescent medicine is designed to address the specific issues that arise from age 10 to young adulthood as children transition from childhood to adulthood.

Risk-taking can cause medical problems

While adolescents go through the many changes of this decade of their lives, they frequently experiment and test limits that are placed on them. In the struggle to move from dependence to independence, adolescents make choices that can have an impact on their health for the rest of their lives. As a result of engaging in risky behaviors, adolescents may develop medical problems in the future. These types of issues are best addressed in an office setting at Haile Medical Group because we understand the unique qualities of teenagers.

During adolescence, several adult illnesses may be diagnosed. Teenagers with disabilities may also require added support to confront the unique challenges that they face. Adolescent medicine doctors are trained to help teenagers with issues that are related to their development and growth, offer preventive care, and help with disease management for both acute and chronic illnesses.

Comfortable environment for adolescents

At Haile Medical Group, our adolescent medicine practice offers an environment that allows teenagers to feel comfortable when they talk about the changes that they are undergoing. Offering a comfortable and inviting setting for adolescents helps to make teens more comfortable with discussing uncomfortable issues so that they can receive reliable information about their health. Haile Medical Group is committed to providing comprehensive, confidential, and high-quality care to adolescents.

Adolescent medical issues we treat

We help teens with a variety of different medical issues, including the following:
At Haile Medical group, our caring medical staff members and physicians understand that every adolescent is unique. We work to build a strong trust relationship with the teens that we treat so that we can provide them with the highest-quality, tailored care to meet their individual needs.