Coronavirus (COVID-19)

COVID-19 testing and our commitment to safety

At the Haile Medical Group, we prioritize the safety and health of our patients. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, our staff members have diligently worked to maximize safety through following strict safety measures for both our staff members and patients. We have taken multiple precautions to protect the safety of our employees and patients when they enter our offices. We have replicated the highest standards of safety as outlined by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to the best of our ability. The Haile Medical Group remains open and available to meet your medical needs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 Testing Available

In order to maximize safety and minimize exposure, all testing requires an appointment. Schedule your appointment online or call us at (352) 367-9602.
Protocol used for COVID-19 testing is consistent with current state and CDC guidelines. As with any diagnostic test, your health history as well as current symptoms will be considered by the provider prior to ordering a test.
The following is a brief breakdown of available tests and general care measures:

COVID-19 Swab test

COVID-19 Blood test

COVID-19 Patient Safety

To protect our patients, we offer several safety precautions. Patients can remotely check-in for their appointments and can complete their paperwork before they arrive. We work to minimize the amount of time that our patients have to wait in the lobby.
Our offices are continually cleaned and sanitized. We use the latest technologies to ensure that all surface areas are decontaminated. We have filtration systems and HEPA filters to ensure that the air in our offices is safe to breathe. We also perform routine disinfection of all of our examination rooms and surfaces before and after each use. During the day, we use EPA-approved disinfectant cleaners that are effective against the novel coronavirus and many other pathogens. We also work to maximize physical distancing and take time to clean between appointments.
Our medical staff has been fully trained in infection prevention techniques, including the performance of patient screenings and the use of personal protective equipment when providing care to patients. We follow all guidelines and precautions from the CDC each day. We offer COVID testing and recommend that anyone who thinks that they might have been exposed should get tested. All of our staff members answer a questionnaire and have a temperature check each day.
Some of our additional safety measures include protective shields for our receptionists and mandatory temperature checks and questionnaires for every patient and staff member who enters are medical practice. Our goal is to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Members of our health care team meet several times per week to make sure that all state and federal guidelines and safety protocols are followed. Since the guidelines frequently change, we always make sure that we keep current with the latest recommendations.
If you feel like you need to stay home to reduce your risk of exposure, we offer telemedicine appointments. Patients are encouraged to use this feature for routine care or when they are COVID-19 positive.
To ensure that everyone remains as safe as possible, we request that everyone who visits our offices wear face coverings. Some examples of appropriate facial coverings for your appointment include a surgical or cloth mask, bandanna, clothing without holes, or a scarf. If you do not have a mask, we will provide one for you if our supply allows us to do so. Your face mask should fully cover your mouth and nostrils.
We also ask that our patients practice social distancing measures when they are in our offices. We have spaced the chairs in our waiting room six feet apart from each other. This is meant to provide you with a safe distance from other patients. Because we want to minimize the number of people in our waiting room and building, we ask for anyone who accompanies you to wait in the car unless they are necessary for your care.
Finally, we ask that our patients adhere to proper hand-washing techniques and use hand sanitizers that contain a concentration of 60% alcohol or more. Please wash your hands and use hand sanitizer immediately before and after your appointment. Our offices have hand sanitizers available to help to prevent the transmission of the virus and to reduce contamination.