Telemedicine In Gainesville, FL

For years, physicians have used technology within medicine to help them provide better treatment to their patients. You have also used technology for medical reasons. If you have searched your symptoms and different medical conditions online, you have used technology to try to figure out what might be wrong and whether you should go to your doctor’s office. While you can have your prescriptions delivered to your home, you might still have to go to your doctor’s office for an appointment. However, telemedicine services have changed that. Haile Medical Group offers telemedicine services to our patients to provide them with the care that they need without having to come to our office for an in-person appointment.

Understanding Telemedicine

Telemedicine refers to all of the various ways that you can use technology to communicate with your doctor without being physically present in the room. Telemedicine can include video chats, telephone consultations, text messages, and emails.

Who Can Benefit From Telemedicine?

Haile Medical Group offers telemedicine services. The only thing that you will need is your smartphone or computer and an internet connection. While telemedicine is convenient for everyone, it is especially beneficial for you under the following circumstances:
Telemedicine is secure and confidential. You might be able to have virtual appointments over the phone or by video. You might also be able to use a patient portal to send messages to your doctor, request refills, and schedule appointments. Your physician might share your lab results with you and explain them to you.

How Telemedicine Can Be Used

While telemedicine can be used for many purposes, it cannot replace all of your doctor visits. If you have a chronic condition, telemedicine can allow you to share your at-home readings, including blood sugar levels or blood pressure, with your doctor. Telemedicine can also help you to determine whether you need to go to your doctor’s office or can remain at home. Your doctor may also help to walk you through a process to determine what is causing your symptoms. However, some symptoms might require an in-person lab test to accurately diagnose what is occurring. In those types of cases, your doctor might ask you to come into Haile Medical Group for an in-person appointment.
To learn whether telemedicine is covered by your insurance, you will need to check your insurance plan. You can see whether telemedicine is covered and what fees and copays you might have to pay. If you do not have insurance, talk to Haile Medical Group to learn about the cost of telemedicine services.