Using this form contacts your physician directly. It should be used for a single problem that needs urgent attention. It bypasses all other office staff and allows the physician to consider the request even if the schedule is full. Allow an hour for an email reply with instructions. Feel free to use this for urgent problems that you would rather not wait to address. Unlike paging the doctor at home, addressing your urgent problem is very easy for us so please give it a try. The only thing we ask is that you follow these guidelines and considerations:

1) Please use this only before 3 pm weekdays. Use the Page MD link if it is after hours.
2) If you have an emergency call 911.
3) If your problem MUST be addressed today call the office after 30 minutes without a reply.
4) These request are answered directly from the physician. If they are not in the office or they are with a patient you may not receive a reply.
5) Although a guarantee cannot be given for a reply, should the physician receive your request, it is likely we can get you in today.
6) The earlier the request is received the greater the likelihood we can see you today.

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